CJCCL 2016, Volume 2

Equity in the 21st Century: Problems and Perspectives

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Issue 1

Justice Russell Brown, Supreme Court of Canada Foreword I
Robert Chambers The End of Knowing Receipt 1-32
Kathryn Chan The Function (or Malfunction) of Equity in the Charity Law of Canada’s Federal Courts 33-63
Paul S Davies Compensatory Remedies for Breach of Trust 65-113
Mark Gillen A Proposal for Flexibility in Private and Public Express Trust Enforcement 115-184
Margaret Hall The Vulnerability Jurisdiction: Equity, Parens Patriae, and the Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court 185-225
Matthew Harding Charitable Trusts and Discrimination: Two Themes 227-260
Alastair Hudson Conscience as the Organising Concept of Equity 261-299
Craig Jones Panacea or Pandemic: Comparing “Equitable Waiver of Tort” to “Aggregate Liability” in Cases of Mass Torts with Indeterminate Causation 301-338
Hila Keren Undermining Justice: The Two Rises of Freedom of Contract and the Fall of Equity 339-402

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Issue 2

Justice Mark Leeming The Comparative Distinctiveness of Equity 403-420
Mitchell McInnes Improvements to Land, Equity, Proprietary Estoppel, and Unjust Enrichment 421-467
Richard C Nolan “The execution of the trust shall be under the control of the court”: A Maxim in Modern Times 469-496
Leonard I Rotman The “Fusion” of Law and Equity?: A Canadian Perspective on the Substantive, Jurisdictional, or Non-Fusion of Legal and Equitable Matters 497-536
Irit Samet Equity as a Vehicle for Law Reform: The Case of Unilateral Mistake 537-578
Graham Virgo The Genetically Modified Constructive Trust 579-607
Stephen Watterson Modelling Subrogation as an “Equitable Remedy” 609-678
David Wiseman Joint Bank Account Trusts and the Protection of Older Adults from Financial Abuse: Exploring Equity’s Preference for Beneficiary-Direction Over Beneficiary-Protection 679-721
Sarah Worthington Four Questions on Fiduciaries 723-764