CJCCL 2022, Volume 8

Charting the Future of Legal Education

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Peter D Burdon ‘Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste’: The Impact of COVID- 19 on Legal Education 1-37
Eamonn Carpenter, Cornelia Koch & Matthew Stubbs ‘Really Engages Students’: Flipped and Inquiry Learning in Law in the 21st Century 38-70
Christine A Corcos Legal Uncertainties: COVID-19, Distance Learning, Bar Exams, and the Future of U.S. Legal Education 71-117
Jonathan D Glater Criticism, Crises, and Opportunity: 21st Century Challenges for U.S. Law Schools 118-147
Melanie Murchison, Richard Jochelson, David Ireland, Tan Ciyiltepe & Silas Koulack Remote Learning in Law School During the Pandemic: A Canadian Survey 148-191
Camille A Nelson Redux: Towards an Empowering Model of Legal Education 192-223
Christopher Nowlin Mythology in Legal Education: Fostering Reconciliation and Improving Mental Health 224-270
Teresa Scassa The Surveillant University: Remote Proctoring, AI, and Human Rights 271-312
Carole Silver & Swethaa S Ballakrishnen Where Do We Go From Here? International Students, Post-Pandemic Law Schools, and the Possibilities of Universal Design 313-373