CJCCL 2021, Volume 7

Democratic Decay: Challenges for Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law

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Symposium: Abusive Constitutional Borrowing

Tom Ginsburg Review of Dixon and Landau’s Abusive Constitutional Borrowing 1-5
Ran Hirschl Abusive Constitutional Borrowing as a Form Politics by Other Means 6-14
Sanford Levinson Assessing “Abusive Constitutionalism” in a Complex Political Universe 14-22
Mark Tushnet Review of Dixon and Landau’s Abusive Constitutional Borrowing 23-48
Rosalind Dixon & David Landau Abusive Constitutional Borrowing: A Reply to Commentators 49-80


Tarunabh Khaitan Balancing Accountability and Effectiveness: A Case for Moderated Parliamentarism 81-155
Vicki C. Jackson Knowledge Institutions in Constitutional Democracies: Preliminary Reflections 156-221
Keiran Hardy & George Williams Press Freedom in Australia’s Constitutional System 222-255
Paul Daly A Critical Analysis of the Case of Prorogations 256-292
Anne Twomey “Constitutional Risk”, Disrespect for the Rule of Law and Democratic Decay 293-341
Ryan Alford Populism and Democratic Decay: Will Canada’s Cure be Worse than the Disease? 342-404
Jeffrey B. Meyers What We Talk About When We Talk About the Rule of Law 405-452