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Health Law & Human Rights


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Table of Contents

Preface by the Editors-in-Chief —————————————————————————–  whatisthis   1
Foreword Lorne Sossin —————————————————————————–  whatisthis   3


“Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word”: Sexuality, International Human Rights, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence Michael L Perlin & Alison J Lynch —————————————————————————–  whatisthis  9-48
Putting Health to Rights: A Canadian View on Global Trends in Litigating Health Care Rights Bryan Thomas & Colleen M Flood —————————————————————————–  whatisthis  49-78
Notions of Reproductive Harm in Canadian Law: Addressing Exposures to Household Chemicals as Reproductive Torts Alana Cattapan, Roxanne Mykitiuk & Mark Pioro —————————————————————————–  whatisthis  79-136
“Science Powers Commerce”: Mapping the Language, Justifications, and Perceptions of the Drive to Commercialize in the Context of Canadian Research Ubaka Ogbogu & Timothy Caulfield —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 137-160
Medical Tourism, Access to Health Care, and Global Justice I Glenn Cohen —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 161-240
‘Orphaned’ Transplantable Organs: Law, Ethics, and Ownership Remigius N Nwabueze —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 241-274
Informal Care and Private Law: Governance or a Failure Thereof? Brian Sloan —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 275-292
Dementia, Decision-Making, and the Modern (Adult) Guardianship Paradigm: Bentley v Maplewood Seniors Care Society Margaret Isabel Hall —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 293-316
Courts, Challenges, and Cures: Legal Avenues for Patients with Rare Diseases to Challenge Health Care Coverage Decisions Sarah Burningham —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 317-350
Canada’s Refugee Health Law and Policy from a Comparative, Constitutional, and Human Rights Perspective Ruby Dhand & Robert Diab —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 351-406

Book Review

A Cruel Arithmetic: Inside the Case Against Polygamy, Craig Jones Anne Cochrane —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 407-414

Book Note

Law, Policy, and Reproductive Autonomy, Erin Nelson Leah Seneviratne —————————————————————————–  whatisthis 415