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Volume 4, Issue 1, 2018

Privacy, Identity, and Control: Emerging Issues in Data Protection 

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CJCCL Vol 4, No 1: whatisthis


Table of Contents

Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella
Supreme Court of Canada
 whatisthis  i


Regaining Digital Privacy? The New “Right to be Forgotten” and Online Expression 
Fiona Brimblecombe & Gavin Phillipson
 whatisthis  1-66
Equality at Stake: Connecting the Privacy/Vulnerability Cycle to the Debate about Publicly Accessible Online Court Records
Jacquelyn Burkell & Jane Bailey
 whatisthis  67-114
Privacy by Design by Regulation: The Case Study of Ontario
Avner Levin
 whatisthis  115-160
Abandoning The “High Offensiveness” Privacy Test
N.A. Moreham
 whatisthis 161-192
Regulating Surveillance: Suggestions for a Possible Way Forward
Moira Paterson
 whatisthis 193-230
“A Virtual ‘Puppet’”: Performance and Privacy in the Digital Age
Megan Richardson
 whatisthis 231-248
Information Brokers, Fairness, and Privacy in Publicly Accessible Information
Andrea Slane
 whatisthis 249-292
When is Personal Data “About” or “Relating to” an Individual? A Comparison of Australian, Canadian, and EU Data Protection and Privacy Laws
Normann Witzleb & Julian Wagner
 whatisthis 293-329